4 Days left to support Protei, the Oil Spill cleaning sailing robot.

Dear fellows,

Some of you may already know about Protei, the project I coordinate.
We managed to raise already more than $20'000 but we only 4 days left to collect the $7500 missing.

Please have a look at this short video and you will understand it all :D

So, to help us you can :
- back us on kickstarter, every $ counts :)

- Share our short URL http://kck.st/hUv68A on your facebook, by email to your friends.
- And if you know journalists, bloggers (who like robots / ocean / environment) etc, give them our media page : http://media.protei.org

Last week we did some tests in Rotterdam, and we are very proud to be presenting Protei at the World Port Day this summer (400'000 visitors!).

Thanks for your help !

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