On the Water, Nils Ferber


The platform a few days after its first erection in June 2010 in Hamburg.
It was assembled from 13 modules with a diameter of 3m and a 220l-barrel as floating body each.
The main structure was supplemented by floating patches, a six-person-tent and a roof-like net structure.
The platform could carry up to 20 people (if the weight was evenly spread).
Helium-filled registering balloons were used for illumination at night. A 12V bulb inside each balloon was powered by a car batterie in the barrel below.
The patches were kept afloat by PET bottles. Ducks were amongst their biggest fans but gave the plants a hard time.
Connecting the spiral-shaped modules created a rhombic structure in between the barrels. The rhombes were filled out with different materials like truck tarpaulins, nets and scrap wood.
Different material features proposed varying uses: The nets were often used as hammocks while the wooden rhombes provided a more secure base for standing up straight and more serious tasks.
A small rope ferry was installed to grant access to the island at all times and transport goods to and from the island.
At the first night on the water a band gave a concert. Providing electricity was a challenge, though.
Even though the platform was located very central, the actual place was rather quiet and sheltered (you can see the platform under the bridge, on the left side).
Everyday life right in the city.
The floating patches suggested the possibility to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries around and under the platform. In this way the potential habitans could cover their basic needs self-sufficiently. In addition to the patches we used some barrels as planters for small trees.
The barrels can be accesed from the platform and make spacious, waterproof storage containers.
With 13 barrels there is enough room for drinking water, groceries, cooking equipment and whatever else is needed on the platform.

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